Peace Choir

Our wonderful children’s choir is known as the Peace Choir. It is a project that, through the medium of music, creates a safe space where we welcome expression of emotion as well as friendships formed among children of different cultural backgrounds. The project is led by a Syrian member of our staff, Ahmad, who is a refugee himself. Educated as a music teacher and with broad experience in the fields of theater and folk dance, Ahmad brings creativity, enthusiasm, and cultural heritage to the children’s choir experience. The choir consists of a mix of children from Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian backgrounds, ranging from six to thirteen years of age, and takes place in three different locations.

After the first six months of the project, the participating children said that they not only enjoyed the activity, but that they felt they had a space where they could be themselves and express their emotions related to daily life. In 2017, over 135 children participated. The project now has seven sessions weekly.


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