In January 2022, we began our first cycle of Dabke classes – a traditional group dance performed at weddings and events, popular throughout the Levant. A professional Dabke teacher provides twice-weekly classes at our community center. This class has proven to be hugely popular, with over 20 teenage girls attending each week, progressing from the basic steps to advanced routines.

In May, we were thrilled to showcase the students’ first performance in front of friends and family. It provided an opportunity for participants to share the benefits of dance with others and experience a confidence boost through performance.

Following the positive results from our first cycle, we are excited to continue and expand this project – a second class for young men will be introduced in the summer of 2023. The benefits of dance are multi-faceted, supporting the physical fitness and mental well-being of the participants, as well as providing a space for self-expression and positive collaboration. The Dabke class brings together participants from both refugee and host communities, creating an invaluable opportunity to foster positive inter-community relationships in a setting far removed from the stresses of everyday life.

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