In a mass displacement situation health awareness is very important as a preventative tool. It is used to counter misconceptions and to avoid disease and outbreaks due to poor water and sanitation infrastructure. We implement varied activities to improve health awareness and capacity within the community. 

Our Activities

Hygiene Kit Distribution

We perform ad-hoc distribution of Hygiene Kits, providing families with the basic sanitation materials needed for up to three months. In Winter of 2023 we will be distributing 750 kits including buckets, bleach, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste. These kits will also include reusable sanitary items made within our cash-for-work program, Sustainable Dignity, reducing the economic burden for households and providing vital income for 30 women. 


Whilst hygiene kits meet the material health needs of the community, information is equally important. From the results of focus group discussions held at our center, Salam and ONG Seed produced a vital health information booklet to be distributed with hygiene kits. This booklet provides vital information on hygiene, disease identification and prevention and accessing health services, and is disseminated in a printed and digital copy.

Health Awareness Sessions

Our center often welcomes health sector specialists to provide capacity building sessions and direct medical aid to the community. In Winter 2023 we will be opening a 5-session health awareness cycle to reach 200 participants. Participants will receive a specialised session on basic first, mental health and disease prevention and identification. Within this project we seek to improve both physical and mental health, interdependent and equally valued. Throughout our projects, activities to support positive coping mechanisms and mental health awareness are disseminated, including a booklet of stress management exercises for families.