Basic Literacy and Numeracy

According to UNHCR, 91% of adolescents aged 15-17 living in the Bekaa are not enrolled in secondary school or have been out of school for years. Without formal schooling, many of them have gaps in knowledge of basic Arabic literacy and numeracy, making it difficult for them to go to the markets, read the information disseminated by NGOs and understand their rights.

Taught by our dedicated local staff, we provide basic literacy and numeracy classes for children and adults. Classes teach Arabic literacy and fundamental numeracy skills, and introduce the basics of English. 

Children’s classes aim to give vulnerable Lebanese and refugee children the necessary foundation for further education, as basic literacy is a requirement for children registering in formal schooling at the age of 6 or later. Providing basic literacy skills at a young age is essential in order to bridge the academic gap suffered by vulnerable children, and increase their chances of continuing education. Our adult literacy classes target those who received no or minimal schoolin, providing invaluable life skills for empowerment and independence.

By providing BLN classes in our community center in Saadnayel and our mobile classroom we extend our reach to some of the most vulnerable out-of-school children in the Beqaa.


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