Key Dates

Salam LADC was founded following the July 2006 war


Registered as an NGO in the Ministry of Interiors during March 2009


First project for Salam – setting up libraries in 16 prisons throughout Lebanon with support from the Ministry of Education


48 Emergency Response Committees created with municipalities along the Lebanese border region


Opening of Salam Social Kitchen in Sin El Fil, September 2018


24 environmental committees established in villages surrounding the Litani River. Creation of an eco-tourism zone and riverhouse in Qaraaoun in collaboration with USAID and Caritas Lebanon.


Higher education project for English and scholarships, 900 students supported with funding from SPARK


International volunteer platform founded, Taanayel HQ opened in February 2016

2016 (February)

235 International volunteers hosted

2016 (December)

Salam support branches Norway, and France established

2016 (December)

Expansion of local staff team for sustainability and consistency of projects

2017 (January)

Saadnayel Community Center established

2017 (August)

Salam support branches Sweden and Salam UK established

2017 (December)

213 International volunteers hosted

2017 (December)

First steps towards establishing Salam in Syria

2018 (January)