Seed to Grow – Empowering Local Business Women

In order to support households impacted by the increased unemployment and poverty rates resulting from the ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon, Salam LADC offers women the opportunity to establish their own microbusinesses. Through initial interviews and assessments, women have the chance to share their business ideas, and subsequently receive workshops, training sessions, and financial support to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for running a business. The microbusiness initiative not only aims to improve the economic situation for those involved but also seeks to foster networks across communities and empower women to pursue their own goals.

During our most recent 9-month microbusiness cycle, we supported 10 women with an initial budget of $500 to obtain the essential materials for launching their home-based businesses. These ventures encompassed various sectors, including the sale of new and second-hand clothing, dressmaking, hairdressing, catering, and home and kitchen items. Throughout the cycle, the businesses receive regular guidance and monitoring, and a follow-up evaluation revealed that many of these microbusinesses successfully provided a sustainable income for their households.

This cycle of Microbusiness was funded by our long-term partner and collaborator Doin’ Good. Founded in 2017 to give people in need the self-confidence and necessary skills to be able to positively impact their own future, Doin’ Good have been working with Salam LADC since 2019 on both Microbusiness and Makerspace. Learn more about Doin’ Good. 

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