Sustainable Dignity 

Menstrual health management is a pressing issue for a huge number of women and girls in Lebanon, as the ongoing economic crisis leaves them unable to effectively and comfortably manage their menstrual health. The Sustainable Dignity project is an urgent response for vulnerable women and girls that aims to raise awareness about menstruation, promote healthy practices and provide cost-effective reusable pads. The Sustainable Dignity project empowers women and girls to have a better understanding of their bodies, take control of their menstrual hygiene practices, and eliminate misconceptions.

A multi-pronged cash-for-work programme, our Sustainable Dignity project in collaboration with Wing Woman saw 6 women learn how to make reusable sanitary products, which were then distributed in the local community. The distribution was accompanied by awareness sessions on period poverty and discussions on the use of reusable products. Follow up evaluation by Multi Aid Programs (MAPS) found that 64% of the women were still using the reusable pads, and 87% shared the information learnt in awareness sessions to friends and family. This research will inform future cycles of Sustainable Dignity to increase the program’s impact and effectiveness. In our most recent 2-month cycle, 966 reusable sanitary products were made by 6 women at our community center.

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