Mobile Classroom

Our Bus Project has been providing education to out-of-school children in informal tented settlements since 2018. Due to the many barriers to formal schooling in Lebanon, many of the children targeted by the project have never attended school before; during each cycle, we target four settlements and around 60 students. Our bus project brings the classroom to the children, providing a tablet-based program thanks to our collaboration with the Breteau Foundation. Our teacher provides basic Arabic literacy and numeracy, as well as the foundations of English, to some of the most vulnerable children in the Bekaa.

Play with Purpose

Due to the limited space available in the classroom, many more students wish to take part than can register. To address this need, the bus project animator, assisted by international volunteers, conducts Play with Purpose sessions exterior to the bus. Play with Purpose aims to introduce basic knowledge of the alphabet, colors and numbers through educational activities. These activities also support emotional development, encouraging healthy behavior such as expressing feelings in a constructive way and interacting with others respectfully.


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