The Olive Branch


In 2022 we expanded our projects beyond Bekaa and South Lebanon and launched our Beirut branch, the Olive Branch. Officially opened in September 2022, the Olive Branch is a community center, social space and educational provider. 

Located between the diverse and disadvantaged neighborhoods of Sin el Fil and Nabaa, the Olive Branch was established to address the lack of a safe public space, as expressed by local stakeholders. With tensions between refugee and host populations at an all-time high in Lebanon, the Olive Branch aims to encourage positive intercommunity dialogue and relations.

At the Olive Branch, we welcome everyone, regardless of nationality, gender, or religion, to participate in our educational activities and social space. Our goal is to directly involve local residents in the center, to foster a sense of belonging, and create an active community where relationships can flourish despite religious and national differences.

Our Activities

English as a Second Language (ESL)
Supported by our international volunteers, at our center we provide English language classes from absolute beginner to intermediate level. Classes provide linguistic support for beneficiaries who are in formal education (taught in Arabic and English in Lebanon) and an opportunity for those who did not receive schooling to increase their skills and employability for free. For more advanced students a discussion session is held in English, an opportunity to benefit from speaking practice with fluent English speakers and to discuss topics relevant to their lives with people from different backgrounds. 

In collaboration with Al Najat Village, we offer individual and group therapy sessions to teenagers and adults. We believe that an individual healing experience can lead to a better intercommunal understanding and a decrease in social tension. 

Vocational Training
Together with CG-Funds, we provide IT skill classes taught by a professional IT teacher. In a 12-week course, the community members are able to improve their proficiency in Microsoft Office and other soft skills, in order to increase their chances in the embattled Lebanese job market.

Social Space
To achieve a core goal of the Olive Branch,  to reduce intercommunity tension and foster positive relationships, Salam’s Beirut branch acts a social space throughout the week. Discussion sessions, film nights and community meals provide a valuable opportunity for residents of the diverse neighborhood to enjoy a shared activity in a common space, mingling with international volunteers and neighbors alike. 



If you are interested in volunteering at the Olive Branch, please contact [email protected]