Salamat Bus Project

The bus project began in 2016 when we purchased an old school bus, took all the interior out and transformed it into a mobile classroom with a tent annex, creating two educational spaces. Breteau Foundation partnered with us from the beginning of the project donating educational tablets for all classes, as well as supporting with the initial staff salaries for 2017.

Since its inception, the bus has visited various settlements on a weekly basis where regular schooling isn’t available or where the children are in need of supplementary education. As well as settlements the team works regularly in 3 informal schools and one orphanage. The classes follow a curriculum created by the Lebanese government to enhance the children’s chances of enrolling back into regular schools. Once the children reach an adequate level, they are referred by the bus’ staff to enrollment in the national schools system. 

In 2018 the Salamat bus was then replaced by the Mobile Classroom, which allows the same program to continue but within our more sustainable vehicle! Look out for our new project which uses our Salamat bus but in a new site, ensuring that we are using our resources to the best of our capabilities.


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