Dialysis Support

In 2017 the  Ministry of Public Health announced that, due to lack of funding; they were forced to stop hemo-dialysis coverage of all Syrian and Palestinian patients across Lebanon. While chronic dialysis treatment is very costly and we had no reserve funds for a scenario like this, we decided to start an online fundraiser to at least assist some of the patients in the Bekaa. Dialysis left untreated for more than just a week can lead to death of the affected.

We are proud to say that our fundraising initiative, although it didn’t raise enormous amounts, reached other local partners and UN agencies resulting in a collective feeling that it was possible. Together we supported over 22 patients, until bigger actors were able to allocate more extensive funding. Today the Palestinian patients in the Bekaa are covered by a joint collaboration between Salam LADC and UNRWA, while the majority of Syrian nationals are covered by URDA or have relocated elsewhere due to costs.  


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